University of Genova and TICASS Consortium of ITALY, 13th Jan – 25th Feb, 2018

The aim of the Intensive Course in “Energy Efficient Buildings” was to provide – by a multidisciplinary approach – specific competence, know-how and skills to 31 junior teachers of the Partner Countries’ Universities, in order to empower them to contribute to the academic tasks of the planned Master programmes.

The 34 participants were selected through an Application Call in each Partner University.

Main features of the Course:

  • Training programme of about 35 days held in Genoa, including research project works and final tests: 240 hrs of front-lectures delivered, equivalent to 24 ECTS.
  • The academic tasks of the Course, organized by the International Cooperation Office of UNIGE, were carried out by the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering (“DIME”) of the Polytechnic School of UNIGE, in cooperation with TICASS – Consortium for Innovative technologies for environmental monitoring and sustainable development.
  • The main training work-load was carried out by UNIGE teachers, with participation by La Rochelle and Warsaw teaching staff thanks to specific training mobility flows to Genoa.

The ECTS certificates were awarded by UNIGE during a

  • final ceremony held in the Rectorate Building in Genoa on February 23rd, 2018, during which the results of the project works were discussed with a Commission of the Faculty.
  • Brief internships tutored by the Partner Countries’ stakeholders, after the end of the training session in Genoa.

The Course programme and the related training material are available in the limited-access area.